One Unique Signal

One Unique Signal

Psychedelic / Wall Of Noise

Gli One Unique Signal sono una formazione di 5 elementi stabilitasi a Londra, con il nucleo originario composto dal fondatore Nick Keech e dal bassista James Beal attivo sulle scene in varie forme sin dal 200.
Il sound della band nel tempo è cambiato, ma l’elemento principale del sound è rimasto sempre lo stesso: la ripetizione.
Nati come risposta al dilagare della scena post rock / math rock dei tempi con l’intenzione di riprendere il sound space rock di fine anni 80 di Spacemen 3, Telescopes e Loop.
Inizalmente la funzione ritmica era affidata ad effetti di tremolo e ritmiche pulsanti, ma un successivo cambio di lineup porta all’introduzione della batteria e all’adozione di uno stile più vicino al krautrock:  nel 2003 con la neonata Genepool Records viene pubblicato il singolo di debutto Lowry, che Drowned In Sound definisce “Pure gold”.
Nel 2006 la formazione cambia nuovamente con una line up di 3 chitarre e il ritorno al sound psichedelico noise e drone che li caratterizza sino ad oggi:  nel 2009 esce ‘Villains to a Man’, secondo album, in free download,  e nel 2010 la band inizia a lavorare con il frontman dei Telescopes Stephen Lawrie, facendo ad esso da band per i tour in europa e inghilterra.
Ora la band è al lavoro per un nuovo singolo e poi un disco per il 2012 e un tour che li vedrà in giro per tutto il mondo.

La band sarà presente con un piccolo show ad apertura del live dei Telescopes

One Unique Signal are a London based 5 piece who have been around in various forms since 2000.Of the original line up, only 2 members remain, founder Nick Keech and Bassist James Beal.
The sound has shifted around in this time but a core feature has always remained…repetition.
Begun as an alternative to the burgeoning post rock/math scene of the time with the intention of returning to the late 80s indie / space rock guitar bands, referencing Spacemen 3, The Telescopes and Loop etc, drums were replaced by tremolos and pulse rhythms and the more technical approach to guitar work was scrapped in favour of feedback manipulation and distorted drones.
The arrival of Drummer/Vocalist Lee Barber and Bassist James Beal soon after, marked a switch in sound to a more cohesive approach with Krautrock rhythms brought in alongside more regimented guitar playing.
2003 saw OUS team up with the newly formed Genepool Records to release debut single Lowry to superb reviews, with Drowned in Sound declaring it ‘Pure gold’.
By 2006 another change in the line up: 3 guitaris and back into a more psychedelic / drone / wall of noise direction with the Dismemberment EP and in the summer of 2009 the band released their follow up, ‘Villains to a Man’ as a free download. Julian Cope was impressed enough to declare the release Album of the month on his Head Heritage website with the resulting attention prompting the band to again hook up with Genepool to put together an official release on both CD & Vinyl.
In 2010 the band began an on-going hook up with Stephen Lawrie, founder of The Telescopes. To date, the band have toured the UK and Europe, releasing a live record (Live: Aftertaste – Genepool Records). A single and new studio album are both being mixed for release in 2012, as well as upcoming shows in Europe, Scandinavia, the USA and Asia.





“Villains To A Man sounds to us more like Finnish psychedelic bands like Tivol or Circle – locking down a gritty central riff with all kinds of sounds freaking out around it, guitar lines emerging out from it spinning off from the central themes gradually moving focus of the track and intensifying it.

Across these three tracks the effect becomes increasingly hypnotic: The opening Plasticism moves at a heady tempo with the drum pulse backing it’s pointed bass riff for a good 5 minutes before descending into a pounding wah freakout for the final run in. Jaded is a slower, more menacing piece, it’s bass riff seeming to bounce itself off the walls of noise surrounding it, the whole track keeping a steely pace whilst ramping up the pressure until Byron’s vocal come in low, reverbed and really scary to finish it off. Final track Villains starts with a rotating shimmer before dropping straight onto an almost bluesy riff that finds it sweet spot in within the first 8 bars then its an epic sensory assault from thereout, the band layering on sheets and sheets of rhythmic guitars while the core riff keeps smashing itself onwards with a sense of increasing velocity before the addition of a brass coda comes in punctuating and peaking it like the horns in Wooden Shjips’ Sol ’07. After almost 20 minutes the monolith blows itself out and all is still once more.” NFRBLOG

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